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We Are

Nazarenes are ordinary people from all different backgrounds who, like Augustine, Luther, Wesley, Moody and others have discovered a meaningful relationship in Jesus Christ. We get excited about what God has done for us in the changing of our lives. Ambitions, attitudes, outlook and lifestyles are all affected by His influence in our lives. It is a change that we like as He has become the source of our joy and the recipient of our love. We give no apologies for being a little different. While we may pray before a meal in a restaurant or talk with enthusiasm about the joy that Christ gives, you will also find that we are involved in the daily world, give allegiance to our country and associate with Christians from other backgrounds. We believe in the Bible as Godís Holy Word to us. It is our book. Through the Bible we are trained in our Christian Walk, our Christian Lifestyle. We have exchanged our old lifestyles for the Life of Love through the power of Jesus Christ and feel as though we have the good end of the bargain. During worship we want each person in attendance to feel the warmth of Godís love and to hear the truth of Godís message. When you are in need of a church home, we invite you to join the fellowship of the Eastridge Church of the Nazarene as your place of both worship and service. Make yourself known to one of our greeters. We would love to have you.

We Believe

  • That God reveals Himself in the trinityóFather, Son and Holy Spirit
  • That the Bible is Godís message to us for all we need to know to have Eternal life.
  • That everyone has sinned and is in need of Godís forgiveness.
  • That by dying on the cross, Jesus took the punishment for our sin.
  • That we can have forgiveness of sin and receive eternal life if we ask and trust in Jesus Christ.
  • That every Christian has gifts and abilities to use in service to God.
  • That baptism and communion are outward symbols of the inward relationship we have with God.
  • That every person can have a personal relationship with God.
  • That every believer should strive to live a holy life that shows authentic Christ likeness in thought, word and deed daily.

Our Mission

The stated mission of the Eastridge Church of the Nazarene is to develop mature disciples of Jesus Christ who hear, understand and obey His call to Christian Holiness. We fulfill this mission in 5 ways:
  1. Evangelism
  2. Exaltation in public worship
  3. Education in Godís Word and holy living
  4. Edification of believers through fellowship, prayer and Support
  5. Enabling and equipping for ministry

Our Vision

Our vision is to become a lighthouse, meeting spiritual and human needs in the south eastern portions of Kankakee County. This vision mandates us to:
  • Be alert to the opportunities for meeting needs around us.
  • Offer classes and services designed to meet peoples needs.
  • Help heal hurts, feed the hungry, replace despair with hope and see lives transformed by the Love of Jesus Christ.

Our Core Values

As a local Church of the Nazarene, we are a part of a world wide denomination with international headquarters in Kansas City, Mo. We have adopted the Core Values as set by the board of General Superintendents. They serve as a guide as we make our way through the light and shadows of the years ahead of us. There are three distinctions that we hold. They are:
  1. We are a Christian people As members of the Church Universal, we join with all true believers in proclaiming the Lordship of Jesus Christ and in embracing the traditional Trinitarian creedal statements of Christian Faith.
  2. We are a Holiness people God, who is holy, call us to be holy. We believe that Holy Spirit cleanses us from all sin, renews us in the image of God, and empowers us to love God with our whole heart, soul, mind, and strength.
  3. We are a Missional people. We are sent by God with a message to the world. That message is the gospel of Jesus Christ with forgiveness for sins.
Eastridge Church of the Nazarene
2679 E. Court St.
Kankakee, IL. 60901
(815) 932-9413

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